Important England Hockey Document

Important England Hockey Document

By Steve Troup
27 February 2018
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England Hockey Leagues Structure from 2019-20

Attached in the Documents section of the website is an important document relating to the restructuring of the future of the England Hockey Leagues.
Click on Information>Documents and go to England Hockey
It has come about due to factors including;
An aspiration to support a change in provision/quality of domestic games
The new international Hockey Pro League that starts in January 2019
Tye desire from a number of clubs to change the existing structure.

The 3 proposals are:
The Original 2017 Proposal from the first consultation
Men's Premier Division Clubs Proposal
The Status Quo

The document is not long and there are appendices on England Hockey website to give you more information.
If you want the club to give your comments please let a member of the Committee know.

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